1.All bounce houses are cleaned and sanitized prior to each delivery.

2. Bounce houses are available for overnight.

3. All tables are 6 feet long and 6 chairs fit each table.

4. All chairs are white  and plastic.

5. You may pay with Cash or check or paypal 

6. Deposit not required

7. We will accept payment upon delivery

8. Normally, we will deliver through your side/rear gate, please clear a 4 foot wide path...from lawn mower, dumpsters, tires, etc.




waterslide/FUN SLIDE

requires 20x35 flat grass area and two separate dedicated outlets. $235

Castle bounce house

Requires 15x15 square  flat area. $100

fun slide/WATERSLIDE

requires 20x 30 flat area andtwo separate dedicated outlets. $155 FUNSLIDE/waterslide $235 comes with pool 


Requires 15x15 square flat area. $100

princess dry/wet combo

requires 15x30 square flat area. 12 and under $185 dry/$235 wet.

Call or text: 623.806.4488 

                                          FAMILY OWNED 

delivery fee

Outside area is $25

Inside the corridor/boundary of 101, I-10 & 51 is free with a $99 purchase or more. (Gold sorta square outline on the map)

Sports bounce house

Requires 15x15 square flat area. $100

Pink and Blue Combo 15x25 area required

​$155 - Recommend for 8 and under


Requires 15x30 square flat area. 12 and under

$185 dry/$235 west

DIY special $80 cash n carry

Any $100 regular  bounce house is available for customer pick up and return... for TWO DAY RENTAL. Please call at least two weeks in advance to guarantee availability. Two days for price of one. Your truck or trailer is required.


requires 20x35 flat area andtwo separate dedicated outlets. BOUNCE HOUSE WITH SLIDE. $185

Princess House

Requires 15x15 square  flat area. $100

​Obstacle course 25 feet long Two separate receptacles required. $265

large Jungle combo

requires 20x35 flat area andtwo separatededicated outlets. BOUNCE HOUSE WITH  SLIDE. $185


Basic bounce house                                 $100   (5 hours)

Pink & Blue combo/slide (8 & UNDER)       $155 (5 hours)

Combo Bounce houses w/ slide                 $185  (5 hours)

Fun Slide                                                $155 (5 hours)

Water Slides                                           $235 (5 hours)

Princess Combo  w/crown                                    $185 dry/235 WET

​Toddler combo                                                       $185 (5 hours))  

Commercial Tents (10x10)          $35.00

Obstacle Course     25FT                       $265.00

Tables (6ft x 30 in)                     $10


Chairs (white plastic )                $1

Snow cone/popcorn/                  $60 ea.         (50 servings are included)

Cotton candy machines/Spin Art  $60 ea.            (50 extra servings =$15)   

generator                                  $65 with FUEL (five hours)

​Each bounce house requires one generator fee  if power outlets are not available 



A.1 Basic bounce house, 3 tables, 18 chairs, plus overnight                                    $119        $54 SAVINGS (reg $173)


B. 1 Basic bounce house, 5 tables, 24 chairs, plus overnight                                    $139        $60 SAVINGS (reg $199)


C. 1 Basic bounce house, 4 tables, 20 chairs, one concession, plus overnight            $159         $111 SAVINGS (reg $270)


ADD a tent to any package for $10 save $25

Any bounce house overnight                                                           $25          (waived with special packages)


     POPCORN $60                               SNOWCONE $60                                SPIN ART $60                                      COTTONCANDY $60